AcuteSpeed is a meritorious music and sound firm that have consistently maintained its leadership in the provision and delivery of world-class musical services in the areas of music consulting, teaching, branding, performing and development in all ramifications. We are a group of dynamic and industrious musical entrepreneurs who have served in numerous institutions, both private & public over the years with a consistent focus of helping our clients achieve superior results. Our strength lies in the unique competence of our staff as well as our experience & teaching methodologies that assure quality and optimum results.

Why music?

The transformational change of music and sound has risen beyond human calculations over the years, such changes cut across all spheres & genres of music such that the evolution of the world itself cannot be detailed without music in periscope. To that effect, music has pierced through the reins of all vocations, government, industries, occupations and education with efforts, all converged towards a common goal (building the desired 21st century Nigeria).

AccuteSpeed will be glad to bring you music at its best, spiced with the latest trends and concepts from both classical & contemporary values to serve your needs. We offer a wide range of professional services from well trained and experienced personnel.